Thursday, July 24, 2008

My wish list

I am now starting a wish list of resources for next year.  The sky is the limit (hypothetically speaking).
Feel free to make suggestions:
  • 6-10 video capable personal media players (Iriver e100 Approx $129) 
  • 1-2 video editing desktops (perhaps 1 computer with 2 monitors), mac or pc
  • Either 4 x MacBooks ($1349, base model) or 4 x imacs 20" ($1549)
  • 2 x retro lounges with new fitout (no idea how much)
  • 4 dell laptops with wifi (approx $1000)
  • wifi router (tbd due to sole supplier policy in EQ)
  • 2 x hdd video recorders (haven't researched yet)
  • 6 digital cameras with VGA video (eg Kodak M873 $145)
  • 6-8 headsets of decent quality, need to check if wireless has good enough quality ($100)
You may have noticed that I have not included a 1 to 1 set up.  I am currently have the opinion that sharing the hardware will develop more collaboration and communication away from the computers as well as opportunities using the computers.  It is also a financially more feasible.

I am still considering software and platform options.  Matching applications, (including web2.0 apps such as some of the Adobe AIR stuff that is floating around), to students is the key.  

Some of the options I am looking at may be blocked, but after some wise words from Chris Sutton in the Knowledgebank online conference wiki, "prove that the learning is valid and appropriate and is linked to essential learnings and there is a better chance of getting it unblocked."

Don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution (Patrick Woessner) Technology in the middle

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Jenny's Learning Journey said...

Wow ! That is a long list of things that you wish to have. I hope you will get some if not all of the equipment that you need for your classroom use.
At the moment, I have a video camera, digital camera and 6 computers in my classroom. At ICT time, the whole class go to ICT room.